Hi-Tec Equipment

Hi-Tec is not just a name - it's a way of doing business. The Hi-Tec experience starts at our reception when your building plans are electronically scanned and saved on to our server. From there, our salespeople use specially designed CAD software to custom design, price and quote your truss, and or floor and beam package.

After the building approval process has been completed, the Hi-Tec truss designers will refine the truss design and electronically transmit it to the automated truss building equipment.

In 2005, Hi-Tec acquired the fully computerized Alpine Linear Saw (ALS). The ALS takes files generated by the truss designers and automatically cuts the truss components more accurately and faster than is possible by even the most experience sawyer.

In 2008, Hi-Tec invested in the Alpine AutoMill. This state-of-the-art saw enables us to quickly and accurately cut large numbers of common pieces.

After cutting, the individual truss components are assembled by our truss builders on the Alpine AutoSet computerized jigging table.

After the truss is assembled, an operator drives the Easy Rider Gantry over the truss - pressing the metal connector plates to within 75% of their final depth. The operator then uses pneumatic lift outs to transfer the truss on to a series of rollers before heading through the final stage roller. The trusses are then stacked in preparation for delivery by one of our fleet of three crane trucks.